About Us

For over 17 years, DesJardins Contracting Ltd. has been providing value-added methods and materials by keeping  efficiency and cost-savings in mind.


DesJardins Contracting Ltd has been providing civil and earthworks services in the Okanagan for the past 17 years. David DesJardins operated Calibre Excavating Ltd for 6 years prior to the new company name. Between Calibre Excavating and the start of DesJardins Contracting David completed 5 years of Civil engineering at San Francisco State University. David has been in the civil and earthworks field for more than 35 years.

The company has been joined by Rob DesJardins in the estimating and project management capacity and brings a further 40 years experience in this field. Rob has completed both Estimating and Civil Estimating courses through the BC Construction Association as well as construction management computer training.

Key personnel we have retained and trained have remained loyal and dependable giving the company a strong knowledge and high quality on the works we undertake.

Both David and Rob bring exceptional levels of experience to all projects. We endeavor to problem solve throughout the project and save time and keep costs down.

We want to be seen as a company who brings professionalism, accountability and reliability to the civil contracting industry while also being an employer-of-choice for those looking to further their career in the industry.

To offer the highest quality service in the industry.

Hard work